How To Set Up A Charity (UK)

Here are just some hints & tips for setting up your charity (UK) First of all work out what charitable benefit you would like your charity to provide to the public such as relieving poverty, human rights or the environment etc. Decide the structure of the charity such as who runs it, how exactly it is run & what exactly the charity can do such as own property & possibly employ people. Create a name for the charity, make sure you don’t use trademarked words, or use a similar name to another charity, use offensive terms or be misleading by name in what service your charity provides. Find at least 3 trustees for your charity. Local famous faces are great for promoting your cause in the local & wider community. Create a Governing Document which should be available for trustees & other parties to review. This document details your charities purpose, who runs it & how it is run, how trustees are selected, clear rules on trustees expenses & payments to the trustees & how to close the charity if it for any reason has to cease running. If your charity has an income of over £5,000 per year or it is charitable incorporated organisation your charity must be registered. To qualify for tax relief your charity must be registered with HMRC. For more indepth details see the GOV.UK website.



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