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Music Is The Medicine Of The Mind.


What song is your favourite to listen to if you need to relax after a stressful day? How about just before going on a night out? Or even in the car? Music can be used in so many different situations & for so many different moods but also certain songs can evoke different emotions or even memories. When I went through a very painful time in my life I listened a lot to Samuel Barbers Adagio For Strings, literally my favorite piece of music ever. It brought an immediate sense of mental calmness to me & still does to this day. At my Mums funeral two very different songs were played, Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman & Alison Moyet's The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face. The first makes me smile instantly, the second gives me a little heartache. Music is also used as therapy for depression, anxiety & even more recently to help with Alzheimer's Disease & those suffering with Dementia. So whatever the situation, feeling or emotion there's always a song to suit!

Taking Part In A Business Fair?


This Thursday we will once again be exhibiting at the St Helens Chamber Business Fair at Haydock Park Racecourse. Having now helped exhibit at various Business Fairs for a number of years here are just a few tips for taking part. Make sure your stand looks the business! Your stand must stand out! Make it eye catching! A backdrop behind or a number of different roller banners so people's eyes don't wonder beyond your stand. Make sure you have a clean & attractive desk cloth. Have a small TV screen playing some snippets of what your business can provide. Have a few different leaflets & information booklets detailing different aspects of your business & of course business cards. Run a competition of some kind to engage people with a nice little prize, possibly related to something your business provides. Talking of providing, some sweets, a few little freebies with your company name & a tub, jar or box for other businesses to drop in their business cards after all it's not just about getting clients it's about making those important business connections too! Most of all provide you! After all people buy from people!

How To Set Up A Charity (UK)


Here are just some hints & tips for setting up your charity (UK) First of all work out what charitable benefit you would like your charity to provide to the public such as relieving poverty, human rights or the environment etc. Decide the structure of the charity such as who runs it, how exactly it is run & what exactly the charity can do such as own property & possibly employ people. Create a name for the charity, make sure you don't use trademarked words, or use a similar name to another charity, use offensive terms or be misleading by name in what service your charity provides. Find at least 3 trustees for your charity. Local famous faces are great for promoting your cause in the local & wider community. Create a Governing Document which should be available for trustees & other parties to review. This document details your charities purpose, who runs it & how it is run, how trustees are selected, clear rules on trustees expenses & payments to the trustees & how to close the charity if it for any reason has to cease running. If your charity has an income of over £5,000 per year or it is charitable incorporated organisation your charity must be registered. To qualify for tax relief your charity must be registered with HMRC. For more indepth details see the GOV.UK website.